Results for This Year’s Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Some of you might know that this year, for the second time, I have submitted one of my books with the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. As in last year, I haven’t won anything. But once again the grades and the feedback from the judges was amazing! Here are the results: “Entry Title: 5 Minute […]



Business Blog Category Becomes Self-Gamification

I would like to inform all subscribers to my blog posts in Business and Writing blog categories on the changes that I made today. The blog Business changed now to Self-Gamification, the term I use for the gameful approach I use to project, time and my life’s management. I try to approach all areas of […]



Contributing to Mekon’s Bitesize on Business Rules – 14: brDoc Schema: What does brRelatedTo stand for?

At least 90% of the brDoc (business rules document) Schema introduced in S1000D Issue 4.2 is based on the well-known descriptive Schema. The new 10% which comprise the business rules paragraph (brPara) element and its components are mostly self-explanatory. But some elements might need additional explanation to be understood because their names cannot fit all […]


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