Contributing to Mekon’s Bitesize on Business Rules – 10: The S1000D community is a big family – an S1000D project is a big family too

When I gave my presentation at the S1000D User Forum in Amsterdam in June this year, with the title “How to Accelerate S1000D Implementation by Slowing Down”, I have mentioned that users working with it sometimes complain about too many players in an S1000D project. I then named several of the many different roles involved in or related to a project implementing S1000D.

This statement was met with nods during the presentation. Later at the coffee break, several participants at the forum stressed how true this statement was and how this fact was sometimes forgotten, ignored, or even that many in a department or organization implementing S1000D were simply not aware of that.

This recent memory of discussions at the forum moved me to write a short article for the Mekon‘s Bitesize on Business Rules series to point this out again and also explain why knowing who is involved in the S1000D implementation process (even if remotely) is so important, also for business rules definition.

Click the title of the article to find out more: “The S1000D community is a big family – an S1000D project is a big family too.”

(Credits: Photograph © under the keyword “family”)

P.S. These two books were displayed at the User Forum (click on the image to check out the book details):

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