Electrical aspect of a walk

There are different types of switches. Some can be turned quickly and some need applying some power to smoothly switch them into another condition. Switching from an intense day work to time with family, friends, home and hobbies, might be one of such switches. And nothing is better than a walk in order to turn this “switch”. It has just the necessary power to do so. And it is adjustable too. For a harder switch a longer or a faster or a slower walk. Experiment makes it fun.
I love walking to my son’s crèche to pick him up. It is about 20 min walk and I often have a desire to think of solutions for the tasks unresolved during the day. Then I realize having a concept that the world around me on the streets I know is always the same. But it’s not. And as soon as I realize this, I am drawn into the current moment and see many sweet and wonderful things: a bird hiding in the bushes, a child playing in the sand, two pretty girls on bikes chatting and laughing out loud, which makes me smile too. And in the next moment I smile in anticipation to see my son, who just minutes later runs to me and hugs my legs! The switch is successfully turned.
Enjoy your walks and turn the switches!

0 thoughts on “Electrical aspect of a walk

  1. Like it a lot! Now I’ve got a hole lot of electrons in my head that jump and flow everywhere around 😀

  2. Hello Vica,
    I went for a walk this evening with my husband. There is a bridge across the river, built in 1914, it has been converted from railroad tracks to a paved walking bridge. I think it is the
    perfect place to forget your worries and be in the moment. Thank you for the perfect story.

    1. Thank you, Marcy! I fully agree that there are some creations, whether by man or nature, which simply draw our attention and make us forget all our apparent problems. But some wonders are small and we have to open all our senses to see them. And when we do that, the life and world around us ceases to be ordinary!

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