Faults, wrinkles and limits: four quotes showing these in a different light

Moving houses means also going through great amounts of things one gathered over the years. One of my favourite treasures I found while packing our home are multiple tiny, medium and big notebooks full of notes and quotes.

Many of the quotes, I captured and saved, made me laugh as I rediscovered them. Especially those from inspirational and mood-uplifting calendars and books, often by an unknown author. Here are four of these in German and Danish with my interpretation in English:

“Ich habe keine Macken, das sind special Effects.”
Interpretation: “I have no faults. These are special effects.”

“Wenn du morgens zerknitter aufwachst, kannst du dich tagsüber wunderbar entfalten!”
Interpretation: When you wake up all in a bad and wrinkled-crinkled mood, you have a great possibility to unfold during the day.”

“Alles sagten: ‘Das geht nicht’. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und hat’s einfach gemacht.”
Interpreation: All said, ‘This won’t work’. Then someone came who didn’t know this and simply did it.”

“Ham, der ved alt … har em masse at lære.”
Interpretation: “The one who knows everything, has a lot to learn.”

Picture: When flowers unfold, they bloom.

P.S. Wishing all readers of this post a happily unfolding day full of discoveries, re-discoveries and light-bulb moments.


2 thoughts on “Faults, wrinkles and limits: four quotes showing these in a different light

  1. Vica, I laughed as I read your blog this morning.
    But the words are true…and I love platitudes. I
    like using the expression “beyond the pale”…relating
    to the wall that surrounded Dublin, Ireland…and if you
    went beyond the pale, you were without protection.
    I always enjoy your blogs and learn something new
    every week!

    1. Thank you very much, Marcy! I learn from your insightful comments! The phrase “beyond the pale” was new for me. Thanks for sharing.

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