Post number 102 – Now what?

Two years ago I had this idea to write a novel based on the first 101 posts.

I also suggested that I might write a “sane” novel in-between.

Now, my first novel is published. It is sane to some extent and risky as I was told in respect to the chosen topic.

I must admit that I started thinking about this crazy 101 idea long before I wrote 50 blog posts and published my first novel. The attempt to connect various blog posts into a novel led me gradually to the idea for the second book I am writing currently, which will be actually a series. I will post a short description of the first book in the series soon.

But the most important lesson I learned that you can’t bend a story without making it stale and unnaturally sounding. It simply has to flow in its own pace and direction. So, I might not use all 101 first posts for my second work in progress. But I do use details from various blog-posts, from my memories and imaginations and put them together as mosaic.

Do I have plans, dreams where I want to see myself after the next 101 posts? I do. To publish more books. I guess this wish will stay for quite some time, also after the third, the fourth, and further times 101 posts in a row.

Picture: This is how the kitchen in our new house looks like. The bar in the middle was my personal wish and I am sure, I will write many a page at it with a cup of Espresso by the side of my computer.


2 thoughts on “Post number 102 – Now what?

  1. Vica, thank you for sharing the photo of the kitchen, now, I will
    think of you sitting there, with a pen in your hand!
    By the way, wonderful kitchen plan! Very well done!
    How interesting, about your plan to use the 101 blogs as the basis for your writing. I am at a loss to see how you will do this, but I will “stay tuned” for the next installment!

    1. Thank you very much, Marcy! These days I write not at the bar, but at the kitchen table in the mornings, while giving Emma her morning milk-bottle. Already a few gulps before the end of the bottle, Emma attempts to help me with my writing. 🙂
      The more I think about this 101 posts idea, the more ways how to do it come to mind. One possibility is to write something about a beginning author writing a blog and telling her/his story as it evolves between posts. Something dramatic and funny with a sentence two from each post to underline the happening.
      Another is the one I already use: to interlace bits and pieces of them into various scenes and descriptions.
      I might end up doing both, or even find more ways and also implementing them. 🙂

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