Two in a boat

I thought I would never write poetry. And yet here I am translating a beautiful poem by Reiner Kunze. Enjoy.

Rudern zwei

Rudern zwei
ein Boot,
der eine
kundig der Sterne,
der andre
kundig der Stürme.
wird der eine
führn durch die Sterne,
wird der andre
führn durch die stürme,
und am Ende ganz am Ende
wird das Meer in der Erinnerung
blau sein.

Reiner Kunze

Translation from German

Two in a boat

There are two of them
In a boat,
One reads the stars,
The other finds the way through the storms,
When one navigates the stars,
The other leads through the storms,
And then, at the end, at the very end,
They’ll remember
The sea was blue.

Reiner Kunze (Translation by Victoria Ichizli-Bartels)

Picture: The view from my home office on a stormy evening.


2 thoughts on “Two in a boat

  1. Quite lovely, Vica. Thank you for the translation. This poem rings true to me,
    after many years, I realize, the sky was, and is, blue.

  2. Thank you, dear Marcy!
    What I love about this poem is that it shows how two people in a couple bring their strengths into their relationship, and if they do what they are good at and can be themselves, then their relationship stands up to all the hardships. And at the end, at the very end, only beautiful memories remain. 🙂

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