What if I wrote about my father?

It is a very exciting day for me today! In the week of my father’s seventy-second birthday, I start a new category in my blog. I start writing about my books.

In my Facebook writer’s page, I have already shared the intention to base the first novel on my father’s story, the story of his childhood and youth.

Here is the “What if” question of my first novel:

What if a student, freshly out of an orphanage, sets out to find the family he lost as a toddler during the World War II, – part of which is referred as the Great Patriotic War in Soviet Union -, thinks to have reached his ultimate goal and finds himself rejected?

In a number of the future posts preceding and following the day it will be published, I will tell you about the reasons I am writing this novel, about its progress, about wonderful people who support me and help me along the way, anecdotes connected to various scenes and to the process of writing it, and much, much more. I am excited to share my experience during this wonderful adventure with you!

Picture: my father in some of the very first clothes, which fit him perfectly. Most of the clothes he owned after leaving the orphanage where too big. This picture was taken at his wedding with my mother.


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    1. Thank you, Jean! It is absolutely thrilling to follow my father through his story! It feels less like creating a story based on a true one, but more like discovering this story and living through it, even if it occurred long before I was born.

  1. What a handsome young man, Vica. You do resemble him in some ways.
    This is what I call a “cliff hanger” because we will have to wait until you post
    more of his life story!

    1. Thank you, Marcy! I am glad I could communicate some of the excitement I experience while writing this story. Almost every time I finish writing for the day, there is my very own cliffhanger, which makes me want more than ever to discover what happens next. I can hardly wait for the next writing session, so that sometimes I can’t help it and start imagining the events to follow. But many scenes often turn out quite different from what I planned beforehand. 🙂

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