Where to find the most beautiful colors

Spring and summer indulge us with abundance of colors of flowers. I am drawn to them by their colors and enigmatic fragrances.

One quote in German drew my attention recently:

“Blumen anschauen hat etwas Beruhigendes:

Sie kennen weder Emotionen noch Konflikte“. Sigmund Freud

And my interpretation:

„Looking at flowers brings something soothing with itself:

They know neither emotions nor conflicts.” Sigmund Freud.

Flowers had always special meaning and place in my family. My father loved wild flowers. His love to them inspired me to write the following passage in the Chapter 3 of the novel I am writing about my father:

“The most exciting thing about her clothes were the colors. Today she wore a black skirt with large red, white and yellow flower print over black nylon tights, a white blouse and a red jacket. I never saw such bright, clear colors on clothes before. I was used to faded and washed out colors, as the one on the light brown and white jacket I wore now. The only place I saw the colors on Liuda’s clothes was in nature, on flowers and butterflies. A rainbow of wild flowers bloomed in the backyard of the orphanage and I loved watching butterflies dancing their peculiar dances around each flower. And I’d think how nice it would be to be seen like that. Just for being. Such seeing was not natural to humans. Or was Liuda about to prove me wrong by turning the attention of a beautiful butterfly to such an invisible flower as me?

Picture: Beautiful gifts from our garden. I smile when I realize my father would love them. Do you see the smiley, which spied itself into the picture?

2014-06-15 18.04.51

2 thoughts on “Where to find the most beautiful colors

  1. Yes, I found it! (to the left of the flowers)
    I love the photo of the flowers.
    My mother used to say to me “Look for the different shades of
    green in nature” and I still do that.

    1. Dear Marcy, thank you for playing the game with the smiley. It got unintentionally into the picture and I found it cute. I am glad you liked it.
      And I liked your mother’s advice to look for different shades of green in nature. I immediately checked the picture I posted for different shades of green. Thank you very much for sharing this. Hugs, Vica

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