Where to go first

From outside, the big toy store in our city was less attractive to my two-and-a-half-years old son than a fashion store. The latter had big screens with bright colored lights and the former was cluttered with so many things that you could not look through. The fashion store was first on our way and my son hurried inside being sure that we could buy something for him there. On my argument, that the things there were too big for him, he said: “I am big! I reach up into the air!”

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  1. Well, dear Vica, with the big boy son, I think your life is going to be interesting
    for many years! It’s good to write down the experiences together, you think you
    will never forget, but you do.

    1. Dear Marcy, you are so right! My life and life of my husband gets every day more and more interesting, challenging, exciting and wonderful as we see our son grow and as we interact with him. It is definitely worth to write many of these down.
      It is funny, how I am often out of words already now, when Niklas (my son) starts discussing with me what is right for him. I am curious to see how this will be when he is in his teens. 😉
      This little adventure at the fashion store came to my mind when I saw the post at the blog: http://first50.wordpress.com/
      Check it out. You might like it as a writer. The prompts there give many nice inspirations and thoughts. And you can see what others come up with for the same topic.

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